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Birthdate:Oct 13
Location:United States of America

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101 dalmatians, a separate peace, alfred hitchcock, alice in wonderland, all quiet on the western front, american pie, angel, animal farm, aristocats, baby geniuses, back to the future, balto, band of brothers, big band, big bang theory, black beauty, black donnellys, black jewels trilogy, bloody jack, boy meets world, breakfast club, bridge on the river kwai, bucky barnes, buffy, call of the wild, casablanca, casper, charles dickens, cheaper by the dozen, cherub, chicago, chronicles of chrestomanci, chronicles of narnia, chuck and larry, citizen kane, classic rock, criminal minds, csi, csi ny, dazed and confused, dead poets society, diary of anne frank, doctor who, dogma, dr. franklin's island, dragonriders of pern, drawing, e.l. konigsburg, eight men out, escape to witch mountain, everlost, field of dreams, fight club, finding nemo, firefly, five people you meet in heaven, flowers for algernon, footloose, forrest gump, fox and the hound, friends, full house, garth nix, godfather, grease, great gatsby, guess who's coming to dinner, halloweentown, hard rock, harry potter, highlander, history, hotel rwanda, how i met your mother, indiana jones, james bond, jane austen, jane eyre, l.a. meyer, lion king, little rascals, little vampire, lois lowry, lord of the flies, magnificent seven, maniac magee, mark twain, matilda, men in black, milo and otis, miss congeniality, monsters inc, monty python, moulin rouge, mr. smith goes to washington, mrs doubtfire, ncis, oceans 11, on the waterfront, orson scott card, oz, pan's labyrinth, perks of being a wallflower, peter pan, pinky and the brain, pirates of the caribbean, punk rock, push, rain man, reading, recess, rent, rock, rocky horror picture show, sandlot, school of rock, scrubs, serenity, shade's children, shakespeare, shel silverstein, sherlock holmes, shrek, slappy and the stinkers, snatch, some like it hot, spy kids, st. trinian's, stargate, stargate atlantis, steve rogers, stravaganza, swing, tamora pierce, that 70s show, the addams family, the birdcage, the black stallion, the losers, the moorchild, the producers, the westing game, to kill a mockingbird, torchwood, traditional folk songs, treasure at the heart of the tanglewood, west side story, white fang, wild thornberrys, writing
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